Business Builders

Cortec Group principals work hand-in-hand with the leadership teams of the various companies in which we invest, building businesses that will stand the test of time.


We devote time and capital to people, processes, systems, and other foundational elements to facilitate sustainable, long-term growth.


We work with management teams to develop and execute strategic and tactical priorities which guide the company and create value for all stakeholders.


We collaborate with and, as needed, supplement our management teams to sustain or accelerate growth.


We use our broad-ranging business experiences to stimulate new product or service development and effect global supply chain excellence.


We know how to grow sales teams and drive them to successfully penetrate new markets, channels, and geographies.


We work with our management teams to create and implement sophisticated marketing programs, including traditional, social, and digital initiatives.


We team with management to identify, assess, and execute add-on acquisitions which expand market, product, and services opportunities.

Differentiated Approach

Cortec Group brings resources with diverse experiences to assess and quickly close investments and to add real value to our companies post-closing.

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