For Intermediaries 

Cortec Group is truly different from other private equity firms.


Efficient We close our investments fast, at attractive valuations and with minimum disruption to your client’s business.
Thorough We do our homework and only submit indications after all team members have thoughtfully assessed the fit of your client’s company with our acquisition criteria.
Selective We only visit companies we want to own; we bring senior partners with the authority to speak for our firm and capability to quickly understand your client’s business.
Creative We structure transactions to meet the unique goals of each business owner, including substantial cash consideration and achievable “back-end” appreciation opportunities.
Patient We have a demonstrated ability to work through transaction issues that could cause other buyers to renegotiate or walk away.
Consistent The same team that diligences the opportunity stays with the company post-closing – we provide your client with continuity of people and knowledge.
Reliable Our reputation, capital base (we will close with “no financing outs” in the right situations) and thoughtful use of leverage provide certainty of close.
Successful We have a long track record of helping build great businesses and generating attractive returns.



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