For Investors / Limited Partners 

Why invest with Cortec Group?


Successful Track Record Since inception, we have acquired more than 75 companies and, under the current leadership, have delivered strong returns for our investors.
Team Continuity Our Managing Partners have worked together for many years. Throughout this period, we have had limited turnover among senior investment personnel.
Aligned Interests Cortec Group’s principals have invested or committed to invest significant percentages of our net worth alongside our limited partners. The carried interest is spread broadly and deeply throughout the firm.
Focused Strategy For more than thirty years, we have consistently and successfully executed our strategy of taking control positions in U.S. and Canadian middle market companies. We are an experienced and knowledgeable investor in healthcare products and services, consumer and business products, value-added distribution, and specialty services companies.
Differentiated, Value-Added Model Cortec Group seeks to acquire businesses facing either critical management transitions and/or requirements to scale their organization, systems and processes to successfully manage high growth rates. We use our real-world business experiences to address and capitalize on these opportunities.
Consistently Communicative  We provide frequent written and verbal updates to our investors.
Long-standing Investor Relationships We are fortunate that many investors have chosen to participate in successive Cortec Group funds. We believe long-term limited partner relationships are the result of consistently doing what we say and delivering attractive returns.



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