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Vince Groome

CEO, Groome Transportation Specialty Services

Harley and Aaron Magden

CEO and President, Window Nation B2C Products

Dan Eisenstadt

Founder & Chairman, Community Veterinary Partners Healthcare Services

Roy Seiders

Co-Founder & Former CEO, YETI B2C Products

Dan Nettesheim

CEO, Barcodes Inc. Value-Added Distribution

Todd Brown

Founder & Former CEO, 180 Medical Healthcare Products

Carl DeMasi

Chairman & Former CEO, Weiman Products B2C Products

Josh Dick

Former CEO, Urnex B2B Products

Paul Schueller

CEO, Franklin Energy Specialty Services

Ryan Heckman

CEO, EVP EyeCare Healthcare Services

From our first meeting, I knew Cortec was the right partner for me. They had done their homework prior to their visit, brought an experienced team to the table that will be with us from start to finish, had lots of creative and thoughtful ideas, and we shared plenty of laughs. When I set out to find an investor who could buy out my brother and Dad from the company my grandfather started 60 years ago, I thought private equity firms only brought money to the table. After meeting with Cortec, it was clear that because of their many experiences with fast-growing family-owned specialty products and services companies, that I wanted them by my side in taking Groome to the next level.

― Vince Groome, CEO, Groome Transportation

When we were seeking a private equity firm to support our ambitious growth plans, we wanted a group that would bring fresh ideas to the table, connect with all levels of our organization, thoughtfully challenge our way of thinking, and, most importantly, had a long track record of successfully working with entrepreneurs like ourselves. It only took us one meeting with the Cortec team to know that they would be our new partner. They came well prepared and were focused on assessing the strategic investments required to support our short and long-term strategic objectives. Since closing our recapitalization, we couldn’t be happier with our decision. The Cortec team is always there for us in whatever capacity required, and we know that by working together Window Nation will exceed even our own lofty expectations.

― Harley and Aaron Magden, CEO and President, Window Nation

Our team was seeking a teammate to help us rapidly expand our veterinary practice management business through a buy and build strategy, while maintaining our culture and dedication to patient care. I had known the Cortec team for many years as an investor in several of their funds and believed in their business model, so when they agreed to meet my valuation expectations, choosing to work with them exclusively was easy. Since closing, Cortec has been an ideal partner, providing us with strategic guidance, helping us build the leadership team, and making the requisite investments in processes and infrastructure.

― Dan Eisenstadt, Founder & Chairman, Community Veterinary Partners

My brother and I chose Cortec because of their experience investing in entrepreneur-led, high-growth businesses. They've helped us focus on the right priorities for the business, and they've been instrumental in helping us think through key strategic decisions at various points in our growth. We’ve worked hand-in-hand to build new leadership teams across all functional areas, grow our brand through new product introductions and extensive marketing initiatives, implement new IT systems, and evolve our business processes. They’ve helped us scale the business to effectively manage very rapid growth - without them I know we wouldn’t be where we are today!

― Roy Seiders, Co-Founder & Former CEO, YETI

From the first time we met, Cortec stood out in their understanding of our business, energy level, and commitment to investing in our growth and future success. They have truly been my partner every step of the way, as we’ve grown organically and through a number of acquisitions, which has been extremely valuable to me as both a CEO and also a continuing owner of the business.

― Dan Nettesheim, CEO, Barcodes Inc.

Despite higher offers from some other private equity firms, we chose Cortec because of their prior successful medical products investments and experience growing entrepreneur-led businesses through sales team development. Cortec was absolutely the right partner for us, as they helped us thoughtfully, quickly, and significantly scale the business. As a result, I made more money in my “second bite of the apple” than I did through my sale to Cortec (and had a lot of fun along the way)!

― Todd Brown, Founder & Former CEO, 180 Medical

After leading Weiman for over 30 years, I wanted a private equity firm that could help me promptly transition to a board role post-closing and grow the company after my departure. Cortec successfully recruited a new CEO, facilitated my transition, and helped shape a promising direction for the future, all while respecting Weiman’s heritage and culture.

― Carl DeMasi, Chairman & Former CEO, Weiman Products

Making the decision to sell the business that my great-grandfather started more than 75 years earlier was extremely personal. When I eventually decided to transition out of the day-to-day CEO role to Chairman, my confidence that I had selected a trusted and hands-on private equity partner was fully confirmed. I chose Cortec due to their experience and numerous successes transitioning businesses from entrepreneurial to institutional ownership, willingness to be intimately involved in the business during and following a leadership transition period, stellar reputation, and my trust and confidence in the sincerity and focus of their team of professionals.

― Josh Dick, Former CEO, Urnex

The Cortec team worked throughout the investment period to support management's initiatives to diversify and grow the business, refine systems and controls, attract additional talent, and retain the key team members who founded the business. They honored their commitments and, together, we generated a terrific outcome.

― Paul Schueller, CEO, Franklin Energy

As a former private equity investor with significant healthcare experience, I knew exactly what I wanted in a partner to help build my multi-site surgical eyecare business. Cortec brought it all to the table: i) significant multi-site healthcare experience; ii) a long track record of success investing in the healthcare industry, both in products and services; and iii) a “hands-with” approach to help me and my team wherever and whenever we needed them. While I hired an investment banker, I very quickly elected to work exclusively with Cortec as a majority owner/partner. This was a good decision, as Cortec delivered on everything they told me going into the process, and closed on time and at the promised valuation.

― Ryan Heckman, CEO, EVP EyeCare

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Cortec Group is genuinely different than other private equity firms. We visit a limited number of companies each year, use highly experienced senior team members to quickly assess them, work closely with our management teams to build value, and generate attractive investor returns by consistently applying our business model.

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