For Owners & Management

We respect the company that has been built; management retains leadership and we offer advice, encouragement, and assistance, as needed. If senior leadership wishes to transition out, we will facilitate this process; we are experienced and comfortable managing change.

Value-added Partner

We rely on management teams to lead their businesses, but know how to drive strategic and tactical priorities, build talented organizations, help manage rapid growth, and manufacture, source, and sell globally.

Capital For Growth

We use our capital and team to help assess and fund internal growth initiatives and acquisitions; we only complete add-on acquisitions with management’s involvement and support.

Employee Development

We provide senior management with opportunities for professional growth and financial enrichment through equity and options programs.

Do What We Say

Partnerships are built on trust. We will exceed your expectations.

True Teammate

We have the skills to add value where needed and wanted; we work with management as a teammate, not a second-guesser.

Prudent Use of Debt

We won’t put too much leverage on your company; equity capital typically funds more than 50% of our purchase price.

For Intermediaries

We know your and your client's time is valuable. We are highly selective about the companies we visit; quickly and candidly assess opportunities; and our reputation, track record, and capital base bring certainty of close to transactions.